We don’t write about trends, it-things, seasonal must-haves, wardrobe issues, losing weight, top five restaurants, marital problems or politics.

We write about people.

  Editor  Siji Jabbar,  Founder & Creative Director  Dorien Franken,  Photographer  /  I  mage Director  Jerome de Lint

Editor Siji Jabbar, Founder & Creative Director Dorien Franken, Photographer Image Director Jerome de Lint



The Folks of Amsterdam is an independent interview magazine that shares in-depth stories of today's creatives, risk-takers and adventurous folks of Amsterdam. The magazine was founded in 2016 and is made by a small, hardworking team, all working and living in Amsterdam.

Our mission is to inspire and connect through storytelling. That is why we've devoted the magazine entirely to human-centred interviews and video's, asking vibrant, independent folks of Amsterdam about their failures and their glories and the crossroads of their stories. 

The Folks of Amsterdam is ad-free and comes with no hidden subscriptions. Besides online interviews and video, we will work on creating a print version. In January 2018 we launched The Folks Talks, a quarterly event where creative people can gather to share, learn and grow.

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3 ways of meeting The Folks of Amsterdam

1. You have no time: aha, you're a busy person. We understand. Our video library is perfect for you. Within just 30 seconds you'll feel inspired. Guaranteed. 

2. You have 20 min: lucky you! Dive into our interview section for an overdose of inspiration.

3. You're looking for a night out: come and connect with the creative industry of Amsterdam, by joining us at The Folks Talks!