Press release

Three Dutch creatives launch new independent magazine: The Folks of Amsterdam

We are extremely happy to announce the launch of The Folks of Amsterdam: an independent magazine that shares in-depth stories of today's creative, risk-takers and adventurous folks of Amsterdam. The magazine is published by art director Dorien Franken, photographer Jerome de Lint and British writer Siji Jabbar, all living and working in Amsterdam. 

Up close and personal
In today's crowded media landscape, The Folks Magazine aims to be the calm in the storm, and offer stories that are authentic and real. ‘We're all born an original, but often grow up to become copies of somebody else,’ says founder Dorien Franken. ‘By focussing on what's real and daring people to reveal something of themselves, we're hoping people will be inspired and feel more connected.' 

The Folks Magazine writes about people. It is devoted entirely to long-form, human-centred stories and short videos, or as our mission statement declares: ‘We don’t write about trends, it-things, seasonal must-haves, wardrobe issues, losing weight, top five restaurants, marital problems or politics. We write about people.' 

Each interviews is about the internal dialogue of a person more than their external markers of success. Success is often the closing chapter of an individual's professional story. The Folks Magazine is interested in the beginning and the middle chapters of someone's journey, because this is often where people struggle, learn and grow. This is why the magazine's strapline says: 'From their failures to their glories, we share their stories.'

The magazine is ad-free and comes with no hidden subscriptions. Besides offering brands a way to connect with their audience through storytelling, The Folks Magazine exists to inspire. 'It would be awesome if someone living in Berlin, London or any other city and is thinking about starting a project but hesitates due to uncertainty, stumbles on our magazine, finds a story that resonates with them and goes: "I can do this too!" 

Future plans
Besides online interviews and video, the magazine will create a print version and set up The Folks Talks: events where people can gather to share, learn and grow. The team will also seek an investor that shares the magazine's values. 


About the team:

Siji Jabbar (49), born in London, is a writer, translator and journalist. He studied architecture and worked in advertising, but combined these experiences with his interest in literature, drama, psychology and philosophy to create a writing career. (

Dorien Franken (46) is an autodidact art director/designer. She runs Designtree, through which she develops ideas for companies that want to connect with their audience through a storytelling way. (
Jerome de Lint (37) is a freelance photographer. His work often reveals the hidden human within. Each image is about capturing the essence of a person. Jerome  lived in Canada during his childhood which gave him an open view of the world. (