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Elza Jo / Photographer & Filmmaker:

“Finding your creative signature is the most important thing.”

Interview Inge Oosterhoff
Photography Jerome de Lint

You’re a photographer. What images best represent your youth? I had an infinite fantasy as a child and my father would always play around with that, playing tricks on me, testing how far he could suspend my disbelief. If he dressed up as Sinterklaas, he’d just tie a plastic bag full of cotton balls underneath his chin, and I wouldn’t even notice. He’d often walk out the door and two seconds later he’d ring the doorbell and say: “hey, I’m your father’s brother, is he in?” And I’d answer, completely believing him, “no, he just went out for groceries.” He’d say, “that’s alright, I’ll come by later!” and leave. And for years I thought, how sad that they keep missing each other! 

I was also really into the He-Man cartoon when I was younger, and my father had this gangly friend who was 2.2 meters and had long hair. I vividly remember walking into the living room one day and seeing that friend dressed up in panther leggings and a big purple belt. It was He-man, in my living room! Obviously, he looked nothing like it, but to me he was real. If I have to pick an image, that pretty much captures the kind of youth I had.



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