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Frank de Ruwe / Streetartfrankey

“There's nothing special about being like everyone else”

Does creativity run in the family? Absolutely, especially on my father’s side, which includes a few artists. 

Where did you grow up and how would people have described you as a child? I was born in Nijmegen. People would probably have described me as a little curly-haired kid who was forever tinkering with something or the other. One or two neighbours might remember that I owned a blowgun. We moved to Nuenen when I was 11; it’s a small village near Eindhoven. There people would definitely have described me as a bit different. For instance, to my dad’s horror, I customised my moped by painting the chrome rims purple and the rest orange. I also stuck a beach ball to my helmet with the valve pointing forward. 

What remains of that kid today? The desire to do my own thing.

What were your parents like and how did they influence you? My dad was a mechanical engineer and designer, and my mum was a teacher. I sketched a lot as a kid and made my own toys, and they encouraged this. I typically received tools for Christmas and birthdays. But these activities faded into the background as I got older, overshadowed by an emphasis on getting a solid education that would land me a good job.

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Jaap Biemans / Coverjunkie

"Craftmanship is slowly dying."

Nanna Schaaper / Leather Designer

"Don't copy/paste. Create something of your own."

Ruerd Akersloot / Coffee & Coconuts


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