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Afra de Boer, DJ & Jewely maker:

“Live fearlessly”

Which song do you never tire of? Ooh, tough one ... 

It was meant as an easy opener. It isn’t, though. I love music so much and there are so many styles that I like, that it’s really hard to choose. I’m listening to a lot of Nina Kraviz at the moment — she’s a Russian techno DJ, and I love the way she combines really powerful beats with very minimal numbers. But I may well be into something else next week.

Describe your childhood? I grew up as an only child, in Amsterdam city centre. My dad played viola with the Concertgebouw Orchestra, and also worked as a dramaturge and theatre director. There was always music on at home — classical, but also Kate Bush, The Beatles, Eminem, soul music — and it formed a significant part of our life as a family. My mum’s an actor, and met my dad at drama school. I had a wonderful and secure childhood, and have lots of fond memories of the three of us watching films together at the weekend while lying in bed and munching on snacks. Really cosy times.

What were you like as a child? Extremely shy — which I find amusing now as I’m nothing like that anymore. I was bullied at school for my tendency to daydream. I was also dyslexic, so I struggled to keep up and was easily distracted. It’s a pity, but if you’re not considered quick-witted as a kid, everyone treats you as fair game. 

Are you upset at the memory? No, it’s not that. I just don’t want it to come across as more significant than it actually was. The experience also shaped me in positive ways. However clichéd this sounds, it made me stronger.

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