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Jennifer Petterson / Podcast & Documentary maker

“What is your story really about?”

You’re a documentary maker. Was that always your dream? I remember when I was little, I used to tell people that I wanted to become an artist and a journalist. We didn’t own a television when I was younger so I had actually never seen a documentary as a kid. But even though I studied art, I tended to make rather documentary and socially critical work. My teachers would often say, “I’m not sure that it’s art, but I like looking at it!” 

Where did your interest in film come from? I got introduced to filmmaking at art school. I initially had no interest in film at all, but I ended up buying a video camera and took it everywhere with me. I was endlessly curious about other people’s lives and the camera gave me an excuse to observe shamelessly without having to take part. It became like a passport, that allowed me access anywhere. 

You were born in Sweden. What made you move to The Netherlands? I didn’t necessarily plan on it. I wanted to study art but didn’t get into any art academies in Sweden. I then applied to art schools in Ireland, England and the Netherlands and got accepted to all of them. I Initially wanted to go to an English-speaking country, but I met a Dutch boy, and I decided to go the Rietveld Academy instead.

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Jaap Biemans / Coverjunkie

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Nanna Schaaper / Leather Designer

"Don't copy/paste. Create something of your own."

Ruerd Akersloot / Coffee & Coconuts


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