The Folks Talks #3 | After-movie

Three promising sustainable ideas that wowed our audience

How do we feel about greenwashing? Can an idea survive in an open source environment and how do you create impact on a bigger scale? These were just a few of the topics that were discussed at The Folks Talks #3 / Folks & Dudes where Laurens van Dort of fairf, Anton Teeuw of PLANQ and Bas Froon of Seamlessly Shaping Textiles pitched their idea to David Snellenberg of Dawn. Thanks everyone that came and let’s Talk soon!

Date: November 10, 2018
Location: QO Amsterdam
Moderator: Pieter van Os
In collaboration with: Dude magazine (BNO), Freek Kroesbergen
Credits: video by Bren Zonneveld. Edit by Ruben Faber.