Geraldo Vallen / Join the Pipe


Following his huge success with CZAR, the outfit that won him the Palme d'Or for worldwide production company, among other awards, Geraldo Vallen shifted his interest to the planet’s well-being, co-founding Join the Pipe, a non-profit organisation aimed at providing clean drinking water and eliminating plastic pollution. His willingness to publicly shame NGOs for their short-sightedness soon earned him the label “the enfant terrible of the charity world”. But Geraldo isn’t simply a critic; he puts his money where his mouth is, along with his blood, sweat and tears. “Not having the budget of the big NGOs doesn’t mean we can’t make an impact."

  • Name: Geraldo Vallen

  • Title: profit and non-profit entrepreneur

  • Focus: Non-profit, community building, commercial video production

  • Born in: Harmelen, The Netherlands

  • Company: Join The Pipe and Czar

Video by Paul Roest / Creative Direction by Dorien Franken