Hans Brouwer / MassiveMusic


Meet Hans Brouwer, owner MassiveMusic. Hans bought his first guitar, at the age of 12 but he couldn’t play a note. That didn’t stop Hans Brouwer from becoming a musician. During the ten years it took him to finish his musicology degree, Hans not only performed on stage hundreds of times, but also amassed a wealth of musical knowledge as a DJ. Today he runs the largest music production company in the world, MassiveMusic, and is the co-founder of the A’DAM Tower, a musical landmark in Amsterdam. How did he manage all this? we asked. Hans: “I worked bloody hard. Full stop.”

  • Name: Hans Brouwer  

  • Title: Founder of MassiveMusic, co-founder of the A'DAM TOREN

  • Focus: Music production

  • Born in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Company: MassiveMusic and A'DAM TOREN

Video by Paul Roest / Creative Direction by Dorien Franken