Meindert Wolfraad / LEKKER Bikes


Meet Meindert Wolfraad, who moved to Australia to improve his English. But finding no suitable bikes for daily use, he decided to introduce a staple of Dutch culture by shipping over a container full of Van Moof bikes and setting himself up as an importer. That went well, but there’s nothing quite like owning your own brand, and thus LEKKER Bikes was born. However, getting that off the ground would prove to be no easy ride, and involved everything from living in an igloo made from bicycle packaging to life lessons in China. 

  • Name: Meindert Wolfraad 

  • Title: Founder of LEKKER Bikes

  • Focus: International entrepreneur (The Netherlands and Australia), Bikes 

  • Born in: Hilversum, The Netherlands

  • Company: LEKKER Bikes

Video by Paul Roest / Creative Direction by Dorien Franken