Brian Boswijk / Vuurtoren Eiland


Meet Brian Boswijk, an entrepreneur at large who is known for repurposing old venues in far-flung places in Amsterdam. He now lives with his family on a tiny island just out of Amsterdam, called Vuurtoren eiland. Besides the house that Brian lives in with his family, the island has a restaurant that Brian owns and runs with his co-founder Sander Overeinder.  The idea of preparing honest meals, keeping it as close to nature as possible won them the tender that the national forest service put out in 2012 and attracted more than 300 proposals.

  • Name: Brian Boswijk 

  • Title: Co-founder of Vuurtoren Eiland

  • Focus: Food, setting up restaurants and hospitality venues, adventure

  • Born in: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • Company: Vuurtoren Eiland 

Video by Paul Roest / Creative Direction by Dorien Franken