Simo Zbiri / Sommelier


Meet Simo Zbiri, sommelier. Born in Kenitra, Morocco, Simo Zbiri’s appreciation of wine and flavoursome food began at an early age. He also developed an early interest in style, and an appetite for life, thanks to having a wine connoisseur for a father, whom the young Simo took as a role model. It’s no coincidence, therefore, that Simo became a sommelier, nor that he turned his knowledge, passion and palate into a way of life. He now is launching two wines of his own. His love of life fills him with drive, and fuels his desire to share his pleasures with everyone in the hope of delighting their senses. His life's motto: Do whatever you do with love, and do it because you love it. Otherwise it’s bullshit.  

  • Name: Simo Zbiri

  • Title: Sommelier

  • Focus: Food, wine, setting up restaurants and hospitality venues

  • Born in: Kenitra, Marocco

  • Company: Thirty5ive and Eastside