Launch of The Folks Talks

We are proud to announce the launch of The Folks Talks, a new quartery talk show where creative folks meet, greet, share and learn. The first edition of The Folks Talks will be held at A’DAM&Co., the private member's club on the 18th floor of the landmark building and the recent winner of ‘Best Europe Bar’ at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2017.  

The Folks Talks is part of The Folks Magazine, an independent magazine that launched in June 2017 and that shares in-depth interviews, short videos and talks with the creative industry of Amsterdam.

A perfect match
The idea for the collaboration was initiated by Hans Brouwer, owner of MassiveMusic and co-founder of the A'DAM Toren. "The Folks Magazine’s press release mentioned The Folks Talks, so I contacted Dorien Franken (its founder) and offered to host the event at our private members’ club A'DAM&Co., which is a community and social club for people in the creative fields. A perfect match." A'DAM&Co. offers a variety of events to its members but will augment this with the launch of The Folks Talks

Creative at heart 
The goal of the collaboration is to support creativity, grow the city's creative network and offer an exciting programme both to interviewed Folks and to members of A'DAM&Co. Franken: "In sharing stories, insights, experiences and wisdom, everybody wins. The Talks are all about creating opportunities and helping people connect.”


FLTR: Lillian Bennink (A'DAM&Co.), Hans Brouwer (MassiveMusic, A'DAM Toren), Dorien Franken (The Folks Magazine), Amber Steenbergen (A'DAM&Co.)


Frequency and entrance
The Folks Talks will be held quarterly, with each talk featuring two keynote speakers. Themes will include Sustainability & Innovation, Art & Copyright, Product Design, Adventure & Travel and Branding & Advertising. 

Admission to The Folks Talks is free to all A’DAM&Co. members. Non-members can buy tickets via The Folks Magazine (€ 12,50 per ticket, which includes one drink). Each talk is limited to 25 non-member tickets. Franken: "A’DAM&Co. is and remains a members’ club. But we think it's important to give non-members a chance to attend; and now they can.”

All Talks will be announced via the websites, newsletters and social media channels of both parties. For more updates, subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a thing.

The first talk will be on Tuesday January 30, and address the question: Art & Copyright. The speakers are Emily van Lynden, creative director of UNSEEN, and lawyer and art collector Aernoud Bourdrez. 


© Sophie Wright (image Emilia). ©Jerome de Lint (image Aernoud)

Note for the editor: For any questions about The Folks Talks please contact:

The Folks Magazine
Dorien Franken, Founder

Amber Steenbergen, managing director