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We are proud to announce the launch of The Folks Talks, a new bi-monthly talk show where creative folks meet, greet, share and learn. The Folks Talks is a collaboration between The Folks Magazine and A’DAM&Co., the private member's club on the 18th floor of the landmark building and the recent winner of ‘Best Europe Bar’ at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2017. 

Read our press release or watch our introduction video.
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FLTR: Lillian Bennink (A'DAM&Co.), Hans Brouwer (MassiveMusic and co-founder of A'DAM Toren) Dorien Franken (The Folks Magazine), Amber Steenbergen (A'DAM&Co.)

FLTR: Lillian Bennink (A'DAM&Co.), Hans Brouwer (MassiveMusic and co-founder of A'DAM Toren) Dorien Franken (The Folks Magazine), Amber Steenbergen (A'DAM&Co.)


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daan weddepohl / peerby 

“The only way to avoid mistakes is to do nothing."

When a dumpster in the basement of Daan Weddepohl's apartment block caught fire that caused his house to turn down, the idea for Peerby was planted. "I had nothing and I had to borrow stuff", is the short version of the story that lead to the success of the app that is now running in 20 cities across Europe with pilots in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Daan's ultimate goal? "To facilitate the transition to a more sustainable way of life, by getting everyone to share what they’ve got."

What did you want to be when you grew up? A bit of everything. A surgeon, because I liked figuring out how things worked; a professor, because I thought they invented things; and I yearned to study physics so I could understand how the universe works.

Where did you grow up, what was your childhood like, and what were you like as a kid? I was born in Rotterdam. My earliest memory is of sitting in a pushchair with my feet up on its slightly too high leg rest, and feeling terribly frustrated about my inability to convey my discomfort because I hadn’t yet learned to talk. We later moved to Hendrik Ido Ambacht, a devoutly Christian village, although I wasn’t raised Christian. This was before computers, so I played a lot outside, with a stopwatch that my dad had modified hanging from my neck to remind me when to go home. I was a sweet, well-behaved kid, but preferred hanging out with the troublemakers, who seemed more interesting than the other kids. This hasn’t changed, actually. I don’t mean criminals; just people who aren’t afraid to flout convention.

What did your parents do for a living, and what were they like as people? My dad taught higher education psychology, and later worked as a system administrator in the Dutch health service — I think his calling was fixing computers rather than people.  My mum was a psychotherapist, with her own practice. My parents were pretty liberated for the early 80s: they both chose to work part-time to take care of me and my younger brother. They got divorced when I was 6, and my mum took us with her to Ede but my dad stayed in the western part of the country.


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"Don't take yourself so seriously, because no one else does."

Martin Pyper / Graphic Designer

"Staying put gets you nowhere."

Barbara den Bak / High Studios

"Design is about kicking ass, not kissing ass."

Jaap Biemans / Coverjunkie


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